Murus 2 Release Notes

Murus 2.4
Release Date : 3 Jul 2023

  • added compatibility with macOS Sonoma
  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 93c4f5edf308a70e8cb68b8fe574752a
SHA256 Hash: 908a9234d248d2053b50ff9034209729095d391a150102690be74d8be0909464

Murus 2.3.6
Release Date : 24 Feb 2023

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 2dfc3fd7d32c6f17b44c9071e90800c0
SHA256 Hash: 06f65f10211f7597c6c95578a9d8d29b8bc53ba00627659cc7fab02efce5a35d

Murus 2.3.5
Release Date : 6 Feb 2023

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : cb1e389a0373ffd25906403f1ccb8bfc
SHA256 Hash: 1eec36668d56dd159041be25a0e023c54a83819070a2b6feca309d13d5d91aaa

Murus 2.3.4
Release Date : 17 Nov 2022

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 3952a5bcf8fa5b9938976e9fed1ddfac
SHA256 Hash: d090f4e88bb6ab1b80085ae5c4b0cc381ad63c20fbd5dc8e4277628020ecbf87

Murus 2.3.3
Release Date : 2 Jul 2022

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : dd19d4981a92a1a5b04edae6d46e3d7b
SHA256 Hash: 94b4fa108766fefa60c5d7f00b75790dcc08c17e324a19cd64ac5069f2141bc3

Murus 2.3.2
Release Date : 13 May 2022

  • Added option to replace touch-id authentication for administrators with the locker-style authentication system. To enable this option touch a new empty file at this path: "/Library/Application Support/Murus/useoldauth"
  • When a non-administrator user quits Murus menulet the popup dialog that allows the user to disable PF is not displayed anymore.
ZIP file md5 checksum : 7a615acc3cff2e0ee31f97f8f35bc626
SHA256 Hash: 7a1d3ef8961ae04c1ec3d8de2245fa88a4f5fc4e35c746f6ca80cd16f6171e23

Murus 2.3.1
Release Date : 2 Apr 2022

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 93b033130527277198bfac94b7280607
SHA256 Hash: 9a05f4dc974c2a0b5043206eb677ceabdb26d2fa1aa6d30f7db84166ebcb3ecc

Murus 2.3
Release Date : 25 Feb 2022

  • Murus Configurator authentication has changed.
  • When Murus Configurator is started by a non-admin user it will be initially locked and it will display a SFAuthorization locker in the bottom-left corner. Click the locker and provide an administrator password in order to be able to make changes to Murus Configurator.
    When Murus Configurator is started by an admin user and TouchID is available a Touch ID authentication panel will be displayed. If Touch ID is not available then the admin password must be typed manually.
  • Murus Configurator now displays a dock icon and menu bar by default.
  • PF States Monitor now displays a dock icon and menu bar.
  • Fixed a bug in PF Log Viewer GUI.
ZIP file md5 checksum : 279f7cab995d0d29c89f152ed2b36e9a
SHA256 Hash: 8a92450dd570f65b8f5e226d88dba6d89f725aedc1bd483657561744e67c9526

Murus 2.2.3
Release Date : 8 Feb 2022

  • added network interfaces list
  • added option to use “inet” pf parameter for NAT rules
  • added iPhone Calls service definition
ZIP file md5 checksum : 35c0a67b579559bf36e771d0cddd56283
SHA256 Hash: 855aca40b79d7e72a8cd2610d53c55eea2d81b456aad0f95ddf4c07e1ad03807

Murus 2.2.2
Release Date : 9 Dec 2021

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 3d92d32f356324983b54181328c37841c
SHA256 Hash: 17a213957039ce0e16a98f5128ca75a8d74b1ab89c4172e1cdefe770f8fffe4d

Murus 2.2.1
Release Date : 11 Nov 2021

  • Improved compatibility with Monterey
  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 3aa14bb885dbcc2e6e60d5bfe279839c
SHA256 Hash: fca2e21560991926c77613b80acd15c061cdae9ced7595417ff5dfe064d52e1a

Murus 2.1.1
Release Date : 10 Aug 2021

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : f6553ed94eabfda7e4bef18e2e2f5eb3
SHA256 Hash: 14887520229fbfb8c493b34f7410ce4a6cdb07a5a4bc39620e781dcceecb90d2

Murus 2.1
Release Date : 30 Jun 2021

  • Improved “local file” lists update system
  • optimized background daemon energy usage on arm Macs
  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 2b7955a6326fe3653f860d516ac18009
SHA256 Hash: 38951d9c50941b439e8a4ffb18f6f4640687e11b40313116274a90e3800d0297

Murus 2.0.5
Release Date : 16 dec 2020

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 6a180858d50f1eef6a8a084f4cbe51a6
SHA256 Hash: 1076deda7f79293b8a36472a8d5b17c72d4842d2996cb7dfd4c4724168047991

Murus 2.0.3
Release Date : 30 Apr 2020

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 0a5fbcefd353767207286bf8a5d54fa6
SHA256 Hash: 41fc9a86cf52a6cf8a7deb417ebc6baa2d57f72b6d2e71956f36eb18e3181402

Murus 2.0.2
Release Date : 17 Mar 2020

  • Bug Fixes
ZIP file md5 checksum : 69bfa7e1d7c0e71c826dec500f478291
SHA256 Hash: 377c5df5e0c77c04e0f52c0d75cc26b44ae3098ff0ac0cb61073b48f68e5f83b

Murus 2.0.1
Release Date : 24 Feb 2020

  • added support for Apple anchor
  • added hosts file management (experimental)
  • it is now possible to rename custom services, services ports are now automatically sorted
  • Murus configuration is saved every time the PLAY button is clicked and when Murus Configurator quits
  • fixed NAT anchor definition bug
  • fixed bug in Assistant
  • fixed bug in ICMP filtering option
  • fixed bug in activation window
ZIP file md5 checksum : 7289d40f05a408cf8e651c548e285f52
SHA256 Hash: f9f8174fc928009f0990e38ce650e95582004f729b5c018c098382cde92b3408

Murus 2.0
Release Date : 15 Jan 2020

  • First public release
ZIP file md5 checksum : 2b80e809997c0bcd03b94bff0c39c23a
SHA256 Hash: ca8d475f28b3cb4c1a2e5e1e65fb74be2e6575b8f9ab8541b9d1a9c1b6aac16c

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